In the context of cultivating and processing  marijuana for medical purposes, the plant’s gender is extremely important. Save time, resources, and space with medical cannabis gender testing provided by Modern Canna. Visual inspection for sexing cannabis leaves much to be desired, and mistakes are easily made. Identify male and female cannabis seedlings much sooner with our DNA-based analysis platforms.

Importance of medical cannabis gender testing

Cannabis is a unique plant because all species are dioecious, meaning that females and males are different.  Why is this important? Because the highest concentration of the psychoactive component tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is in the resin of the female flowers. For those who want breeding potential in their cannabis plants or large resin-filled buds, it’s crucial to identify the gender as early as possible.

Generally speaking, cannabis plants begin to reflect signs of their particular gender within 14 days of their flowering period and reach sexual maturity about 2 months following germination. Early cannabis gender testing can allow you to cull as desired and invest fewer resources on non-flowering plants, and isolate the benefits of female seedlings that will eventually grow much larger, seedless buds.

By removing male cannabis plants just days after germination, you can provide more space for females to grow larger and more robust.

Distinguishing male from female cannabis plants early in the growing process can be challenging for the novice. This is done by inspecting the pre-flowers, which develop around 6 weeks and are often hard to find with the naked eye.

As a leader in Florida medical cannabis testing services, Modern Canna offers a much smarter alternative with our advanced chemical sexing platforms.

Optimize the quality of cannabis yields

Both male and female cannabis plants have unique qualities and distinct purposes. While male plants do not contain the high THC levels like their female counterparts, their resin-producing glands do have moderate levels of cannabinoids. Studies have shown that they also produce substantial amounts of flavor and scent-producing terpenes, which are thought to have great therapeutic benefits. From a genetic standpoint, it’s also wise to identify good quality males that can be used for future breeding or to diversify strains.

Chemical testing provided by Modern Canna Laboratories can determine not only the gender of cannabis plants but also speak to the future potency of seedlings. Female cannabis plants that are separated from males produce excess amounts of resin in an attempt to catch pollen. This in turn heightens the psychoactive components of the plant.

Common characteristics of female cannabis plants that are not pollinated are incredibly valuable to growers. These include:

  • Robust flavor
  • Larger yields
  • High potency
  • Excellent resin production

Unfertilized female flowers of the cannabis plant are called “sinsemilla,” which means without seed in Spanish. Knowing the gender of your marijuana plants can ensure you achieve sinsemilla buds.

Quality medical cannabis testing in Florida

Our advanced cannabis analytical services are used by cultivators, distributors, and health care providers to whom quality, consistency, and potency are important. The team at Modern Canna has more than five decades of laboratory and quality control experience and is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards. Using the latest gender screening methods, we can help our customers cultivate seedless crops, save time and labor, and grow medical marijuana safely and sustainably.

For more on cannabis and hemp gender testing, contact Modern Canna, Florida’s most trusted medical marijuana testing laboratory.

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