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Trusted cannabis products start with trusted labs, and Modern Canna is proud to work in partnership with the world’s largest resource on cannabis and medical marijuana. Established in 2010, Leafly has become the leading source of cannabis information for consumers, retailers, and brands.

Modern Canna is proud to be the only Certified Leafly Lab partner in the Southeastern U.S.  We share the same commitment to providing accurate and reliable data that enables cannabis patients to make informed decisions.

As a Florida-based cannabis testing lab and a nationwide hemp testing lab, we are confident that our partnership with Leafly will engender continued scientific integrity and confidence as the medical community increasingly embraces cannabis for therapeutic treatment. 

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    Leafly Certified Lab Program

    Cannabis analytical testing is an exact science, but not all laboratories are created equal. When buying a cannabis product, consumers deserve to know what they are putting into their bodies. But when labels contain misinformation, like inflated potency numbers, it breeds distrust and uncertainty.

    The glaring issue is a lack of universally standardized methods for testing cannabis products. While this industry has exploded in the last decade, it has been clear that quality control in commercial labs hasn’t always been able to keep up.

    This inconsistency in cannabis testing was the impetus for the Leafly Certified Labs Program. The result is a partnership with only a select few laboratories that have been vetted and confirmed.

    Access to reliable data & validated products

    True analytical data should be repeatable and verifiable. Whether testing cannabinoids or terpenes, the data should be authenticated by quality control measures that are legally defensible. The Leafly Certified Labs Program encourages full transparency in an industry where competition is fierce and falsified reports are common.

    An internal analysis by Leafly suggests that some cannabis labs inflate their results, which can have serious health implications for immunocompromised consumers.

    The Leafly Certified Labs Program strives to provide reliable data and better consumer outcomes: objectives shared by Modern Canna.  Our laboratories, located in central Florida, are proud to be one the initial six Leafly partner labs in the United States.

    Leafly hand-selects laboratories using a rigorous multi-phase evaluation process. Labs are assessed based on the latest scientific literature, the testing services offered, inter-laboratory comparisons, data integrity measures, and the quality control guidelines in place. This independent verification is yet another step to providing consumers data they can count on when purchasing hemp and cannabis products.

    Quality control at Modern Canna Labs

    Rigorous quality control practices are the backbone of Modern Canna. Our facilities are ISO/IEC 17025 certified and always provide reports to clients showing how we validate our data. We frequently perform internal audits to better evaluate our procedural and technical competence and identify any weaknesses in quality control standards.

    As the cannabis industry matures, tighter regulations for quality control will be implemented in labs nationwide. Until this occurs, consumers should look to independent third-party testing from a Leafly Certified Lab, such as Modern Canna.

    You can depend on transparency, integrity, and precision for all of your cannabis testing needs, including:

    • Terpenes 
    • Cannabinoids
    • Residual solvents
    • Pesticides
    • Heavy metals
    • Nutrients
    • Microbial contamination
    • Water activity and moisture content

    Buy your cannabis products with confidence

    We are thrilled to partner with Leafly in our continued effort to bring safe and quality cannabis and hemp products to the consumers. To learn more about our testing services, or how we can help you, please reach out to us at