Flower/plant material is, as the name implies, different forms of raw cannabis in its plant form.

Cannabis pre-ground Flower

Pre-ground flower is made by placing buds of cannabis into a grinder and breaking them down to much smaller, easier to work with pieces. Breaking down flower into smaller pieces allows cannabis to burn completely and evenly when smoked.

Pre-ground Flower (Image Credit: High Times)

Popcorn Flower

Popcorn flower are essentially smaller than usual buds. They are sometimes referred to as ‘minis’. Popcorn buds are classified as B-grade nugs due to their size.

Popcorn Flower (Image Credit: Herbies Seeds)


As the name implies, pre-rolls are essentially ready-to-go joints. They are pre-rolled for you and ready to smoke.

Pre-rolls (Image Credit: Burb)


Kief is a powdery, golden dust that coats the outer portion of buds. Kief is also formed by the cannabis flower’s trichomes. Kief is isolated from cannabis through very fine filters. Typically, individuals collect kief from a grinder, using the built in “kief catcher” on the bottom. Modern Canna classifies kief under Plant material/flower, but for the sake of cohesion to definitions, it can also be classified as a concentrate.

Kief (Image Credit: Apical Greens)


Shake is smaller pieces of cannabis that have broken or fallen off a larger bud. This usually happens naturally via handling the flower.

Shake (Image Credit: Leaf Buyer)


Trim is essentially just pieces of a cannabis plant that were cut off during the trimming phase. Trim includes cut-offs of buds, leaves, trichomes, or even kief.

Trim (Image Credit: Leaf Buyer)