Advances in cannabis genotyping make it easier than ever for those in the cannabis industry to cultivate healthy plants. Genotyping is the examination of a genetic profile. Experienced growers and breeders understand that certain genes lead to better quality plants. Once growers know a particular cannabis genotype through lab testing results, they can use seeds from plants that have a set of desirable genes.

Modern Canna provides state-of-the-art cannabis genetic testing to growers, distributors, and medical personnel in Florida. We’ll provide you with comprehensive genetic analyses of your plants to help you cultivate the highest quality product possible.

What Is Cannabis Genotyping?

Genotyping analysis can be performed on a sample from any living organism, from a person to a single-cell microorganism. With today’s technology, even bacteria can be genotyped.

During the process, DNA is extracted. Various samples are taken, preserved, tested, and micro-analyzed.

When discussing genotyping, you may also have heard of the term “expression profiling.” This essentially refers to the way a gene expresses itself in its outward environment. Expression profiling is more formally known as phenotyping.

Cannabis Plants Have Unique Genetic Profiles

How do we determine a marijuana plant’s DNA profile? Like people, cannabis plants have their own physical traits. Just as our genes may give us blue eyes, brown hair, and olive skin, a plant’s genes may give it a stout stem, purplish leaves, etc.

These characteristics all determine the quality of the plant and consequently, the quality of the marijuana that is created for medical and recreational use. Modern genotyping can even predict how a person’s body will react to cannabis use.

The Marijuana Genotype Procedure

What takes place under genetic testing? Various testing methodologies are available. Testing can also be customized to meet specific client requests. One example is the XY test utilizing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology. With the advent of PCR, scientists can determine a plant’s sex with 99% accuracy immediately after it sprouts from its seed.

With this type of early information, breeders can cull plants right away rather than wait for several months to know a plant’s sex. This saves growers tremendous resources, including nutrients and soil.

We may also carry out testing to look for mitochondrial disorders. When a marijuana plant’s mitochondria cells don’t work, it becomes susceptible to disease or unable to absorb nutrients. Common cannabis plant diseases and disorders include iron and magnesium deficiency, nitrogen toxicity, and abnormal pH fluctuations.

With the data, growers can take various actions, such as altering the environment to see how different plants with the same genes react to indoor and outdoor cultivation. The environment, after all, can determine whether certain phenotypes are expressed.

Know the Quality of Your Plants

Cannabis genotyping and phenotyping are rooted in the latest breakthroughs in genome science. Contact Modern Canna to submit a sample for analytical testing. We utilize the latest technology and innovations for ensuring timely and accurate results.

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