Modern Canna is dedicated to cannabis genetic testing in the state of Florida. One of the primary purposes of testing is to determine a strain’s phenotype. A plant’s phenotype determines its overall quality for medical use.

More clinics are providing medical marijuana for its diverse range of scientific-backed benefits, ranging from anxiety relief to reversing the carcinogenic effects of tobacco. Like any other drug, the substance has to be of the best quality to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects.

Cannabis Phenotyping Procedures

Our marijuana phenotyping utilizes the latest in science and modern technology. This ensures a 99% accuracy rate when examining the genetic code of cannabis. Send us a clipping of your seedling and we will put it to the test and issue results within a timely manner.

Why Is Cannabis Phenotype Testing Important?

Testing provides valuable insight into a particular seed. This includes:

  • Quantification of drug potency
  • Geographic sources from elemental isotopes or inference of growth conditions
  • Determining a cultivar’s genetic makeup or DNA.

Like all other living organisms, cannabis has its unique genetic markers. The complex genetic information determines behavioral patterns regarding appearance, growth, and various other characteristics. These characteristics are a plant’s phenotype. Obviously, some phenotypes are more desirable for growers than others.

Types of Marijuana Phenotype Tests

Our cannabis genetic testing includes these procedures:

  • XY Tests – We can determine the plant’s sex as soon as it sprouts from its seed. This is made possible using polymerase chain reaction technology. DNA is extracted from the leaf to determine whether its male or female.
  • Microbiological Tests – We use qPCR technology to increase sensitivity of our pathogen detection assays. This identifies active colonies of harmful pathogens, such as e. coli. Certain phenotypes may make a cannabis plant more resistant or prone to diseases.
  • Genetic Mapping – Clients submit a sample and we extract the DNA, using a state-of-the-art bioinformatic system. This technology maps out the genetic blueprint of each strain. This provides growers information they need to ensure the desired genetic characterization of their products.

Cannabis Genotyping and Phenotyping

The word “phenotype” has been mentioned several times already. What is it? The phenotype can be described as the “outward physical manifestation” of an organism. It is essentially the plant’s genetic marker expressing itself in its given environment. Certain genetic markers, both desirable and undesirable, may or may not be expressed due to environmental factors.

Our testing helps you identify strains with the genetic markers for expressing certain phenotypes. Growers can test the seeds under varying environmental conditions (i.e. growing them outdoors vs in an indoor grow tent) to see which phenotypes are and aren’t expressed.

Send a Sample for Genetic Testing Today

Whether you’re a grower, supplier, or distributor, you want the best cultivars for growing the most potent yields. Contact Modern Canna to determine your plant’s genetic makeup. With our data you will be able to identify appealing strains and produce marijuana with the desired phenotype in color, shape, smell, and taste.

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