Modern Canna provides consulting services, specifically to Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs) throughout the state of Florida. Per Florida Statute 381.986 “The medical marijuana treatment center must contract with a marijuana testing laboratory to perform audits on the medical marijuana treatment center’s standard operating procedures, testing records, and samples and provide the results to the department to confirm that the marijuana or low-THC cannabis meets the requirements of this section and that the marijuana or low-THC cannabis is safe for human consumption.”

Our medical marijuana consultants are available to leverage their extensive knowledge of cannabis laboratory testing and quality control procedures to assist your team in addressing issues such as: 

  • Compliance with state regulations for licensed MMTCs
  • Contamination mitigation and remediation services 
  • Root cause analysis services
  • IT and software development for streamlined workflows and business intelligence insights 
  • Technical assistance with cannabis composition and potency evaluation
  • Advising on the approved forms of cannabis production
  • Training employees
  • Laboratory studies
  • Cost estimates for start-up laboratories
  • Developing best practices for production, record-keeping, and sampling

Modern Canna Labs proudly serves MMTCs across Florida by ensuring that medical marijuana patients have access to products that are safe and thoroughly tested.

Ensure Quality Control with Cannabis Consulting Services 

Modern Canna Labs has partnered with top medical cannabis experts and national organizations, aiming to set the standard for third-party quality control testing. As the cannabis industry progresses and lab results become more transparent, our primary responsibility is to continue safeguarding our clients by guaranteeing the data we generate is verifiable, reproducible, and legally defensible. 

We serve MMTCs by providing affordable testing services for:

  • Microbes – including bacteria, fungi, and foreign matter. The FDA does not require medical cannabis products to comply with the same strict anti-microbial standards required of the food and cosmetics industries, but our testing protocol ensures that medical marijuana producers and providers meet the same standards.
  • Potency – with a profile of over 80 cannabinoid compounds, we let providers and patients understand the medicinal benefits of specific cannabis products.
  • Pesticides – public health authorities have come to realize the threats that pesticides can have on healthy individuals; those seeking marijuana treatment for a medical condition are at an even greater risk for adverse effects. Our agricultural agents testing helps growers understand the impact of pesticides on cannabis products and patients.
  • Residual Solvents – a component sometimes used to extract cannabis for concentrated products, residual solvents can be left behind in the product and pose health threats. Our residual solvent cannabis analysis ensures products are safe for human consumption.
  • Mycotoxins – can be toxic to humans and indicate a problem of growing mold or decaying organisms. We test cannabis plants for multiple categories of mycotoxins.
  • Heavy metals – impurities in the environment seep into the cultivated crops and marijuana processing can increase the concentration of the heavy metals present. The instrumentation Modern Canna Labs utilizes can identify levels as low as one part per billion to ensure your product meets the strictest quality standards.

Meet Compliance Requirements with a Cannabis Consultant

The landscape of the cannabis industry is ever changing as more states legalize medical and recreational cannabis use. Given the regulatory discrepancies and the absence of uniform standards among states, our mission is to guide your organization through this changing environment.

Regulation maneuvering is a concern for many cannabis growers, patients, and licensed cannabis operators. Modern Canna Labs continuously monitors regulatory compliance, guaranteeing that your cannabis products meet the highest safety and quality standards. Our expertise helps mitigate the risk of product recalls, reputation damage, and legal repercussions.

Third-Party Medical Marijuana Consultants in Florida

Modern Canna Labs serves Florida’s MMTCs by providing professional onsite cannabis laboratory training. Modern Canna consultants have assisted several internal cannabis labs with our best practice instrument training, which includes but is not limited to,HPLC, GC/MS, LC/MS, ICP/MS, ICP/OES, Triple Quad GC/MS (GC/TQMS), Triple Quad LC/MS (LC/TQMS), GC/FID, GC/ECD, and qPCR analysis. 

We utilize the latest technology to ensure safety and accuracy, from cultivation to consumption. Contact us today to speak with a marijuana consultant to find out how we can help you.

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