Cannabis testing and understanding the complexities of operating a successful cannabis laboratory can be difficult. However, our team at Modern Canna works tirelessly to provide insight to the industry and general public regarding various topics related to cannabis testing. 

When Things Go Wrong: Exploring 'Fit for Purpose' Testing Methods in the Cannabis Industry

Fit for Purpose" testing is imperative for ensuring consumer safety through quality data. In this panel, Modern Canna's CSO, Jini, discusses this type of testing and how the lack of standard methods and uniform regulations may be impacting the quality and accuracy of data produced by cannabis laboratories and how it will impact cultivators, manufacturers, and producers.

What is a Cannabis Testing Lab?

When consumers hear that their cannabis products are tested at a laboratory, many do not understand what processes or procedures are in place to successfully ensure the product is safe for human consumption. In this presentation, Modern Canna's CSO, Jini, provides an overview of these procedures and explains what role testing labs play in the cannabis industry.

Promoting Cannabis Lab Success: A Conversation with the
CEO of Modern Canna

As the cannabis industry grows in the US, so does the emergence of cannabis testing laboratories. In this presentation, Modern Canna's CEO, George Fernandez, discusses how to build a successful laboratory that focuses on quality, transparency, and integrity.

From Paper to Pixels: Success Stories of Laboratories Embracing Digitalization

In a time where the world relies heavily on technology, testing laboratories must also embrace digitalization to be successful. In this presentation, Modern Canna's CTO, Eric Kemp, joins other expert panelists to discuss lab digitalization, including implementation and optimization of various techniques that will help improve efficiency, quality, and innovation in the lab.

When Thing's Go Wrong: Lab Testing

Lab testing involves complex processes that require extensive scientific knowledge and understanding. In this presentation, Modern Canna's CSO, Jini Glaros, joins other expert panelists to discuss some of the trials and tribulations that laboratories face when conducting testing and how laboratories can overcome the challenges of lab shopping and data manipulation.