No matter what crop you are growing, healthy soil is the foundation for a healthy harvest, and hemp is no different. Cannabis plants need a diverse mix of nutrients and microorganisms to flourish – when crucial elements are lacking, or the pH is too high, growth will falter.

Growing hemp on a commercial scale poses numerous challenges, especially in Florida, where the climate is hot and humid year-round. Hemp soil testing, available at Modern Canna labs, is an essential tool for recognizing problems and improving nutritional balance for optimal yields.

Understanding the basics of healthy hemp soil is the first step to diagnosing culture problems and identifying the required steps to remedy the situation.

Improve soil quality for higher hemp yields

A professional soil analysis takes the guesswork out of the equation, and will actually save you time and money over the long run. With an accurate snapshot of your soil’s nutrient levels, pH, and water retention, you can take proactive measures to benefit your plants at various phases of the growth cycle. 

If your crop is planted in natural soil, chances are it will not be ideal for growing hemp – at least not without some amendments. Clay soil, sandy soil, or soil that is too silty can pose numerous challenges when it comes to nutrient deficiencies, alkalinity, and water drainage.

Know the contents and quality of your soil by having it analyzed at our Florida hemp testing lab.

Soil testing for hemp farms

What can a soil test from Modern Canna tell you about your substrate? Unlike standard garden kits, our state-of-the-art instrumentation can detect levels of both macro and micro nutrients critical for improving cannabis yields and quality.

In the context of horticulture, hemp may be a tolerant plant, but it still prefers slightly acidic growing environments. Boggy areas with poor drainage can slowly increase in pH, and more alkaline soils – those over 7.5 — can prove problematic for hemp farms. This is because the soil PH has a direct impact on nutrient availability and absorption. Too little nitrogen, phosphorous, or potassium in the vegetative and flowering phases can have a negative effect on plant health, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Our soil testing services provide the insight needed to make informed decisions about the timing and specific type of supplement levels.

Hemp plants need varying levels of the following nutrients to thrive.

  • Nitrogen is easily leached from the soil system. Sufficient levels are needed for photosynthesis and robust plant growth.
  • Phosphorous plays a major role in root growth, development of reproductive parts, and energy transfer. If your cannabis plants have weak root systems and few flowers, there is likely a phosphorus deficiency.
  • Potassium is important for water and nutrient transportation, as well as protein and starch synthesis. Low levels of this mobile nutrient can cause yellowing of leaves, stunt growth, and make plants vulnerable to ecological changes.
  • Calcium activates enzymes and holds the plant cell walls together. Distorted or withered buds along with end rot are signs of calcium deficiency.
  • Magnesium is a critical component of plant respiration and growth. Magnesium leaching is impacted by heavy rains and soil acidity.
  • Sulfur in low amounts is needed to form plant proteins and to activate certain enzymes. Because symptoms of sulfur deficiency can mimic those of nitrogen deficiency, it’s easy to add the wrong fertilizer without soil testing.

Growing conditions can also be optimized by ensuring your soil has proper levels of secondary nutrients and trace elements, including iron, boron, copper, zinc, selenium, sodium, and manganese.

Healthy soil = higher cannabis yields

You can depend on Modern Canna Science for all of your hemp soil testing needs. With periodic analyses from a trusted third-party laboratory, you’ll come to understand the traits of quality soil for growing hemp, while saving money on fertilizer costs, and unnecessary supplements.

We are proud to offer cutting-edge analytics with quick turn-around times and competitive pricing. Become a more informed and more effective hemp grower by partnering with Modern Canna.