Modern Canna Cannabis

With the debate going on hot and heavy over whether marijuana should be legalized for medical and recreational use, the interest in everything from medical cannabis testing to how much it will cost if legalized. One question running through people’s minds is what is Cannabinoid testing? Below you will find some information about cannabinoid testing and what it does.

What is Cannabinoid Testing?

Cannabinoid testing is a urine test that is done in two parts. It is used to detect the presence of THC in the urine. It usually has to be done in a doctor’s office and you often have to have someone watching you when you take the test. The test is said to be quite accurate, though it has been fooled before.

Does it have Other Names?

Cannabinoid testing goes by a few different names. Some of them are listed below.

  • Marijuana screen
  • Drug abuse screening test
  • Marijuana drug test (for urine)
  • DAST
  • Drug abuse test

Regardless of what the name of the test is, it is used to determine if you have THC in your urine for everything from playing sports to getting a job or even for medical reasons.

Why Would You need this Test?

There are many reasons that you might have to have cannabinoid testing. You might need the drug test before you can be hired for a job. You could have to be tested if you are suspected of drug abuse and once you have gotten help you could be tested on a regular basis to check for relapses. It is also possible that if you are on probation or parole that an officer of the court will perform cannabinoid testing on you as well as a condition of your release.

What Other Types of Tests go with this One?

It is possible that on top of the cannabinoid testing your doctor could order one of the following other tests as well.

  • Saliva
  • Hair
  • Blood

How is the Test Performed?

Cannabinoid testing is done by collecting a sample of your urine. Since it is possible to trick this test, it is often given with a technician or some part of the medical staff in the room with you. There are no risks involved with this urine test and it is completely safe.

What Affects the Results?

If you are taking the drug Marinol for nausea, it could affect the results of your drug test. You need to have your doctor give you something stating that you have been taking this drug, so that you can let the medical staff know at the drug-testing center.

How do You get Ready for Cannabinoid Testing?

There is really nothing you can do to prepare for this test, just tell your doctor about any medicines or natural herbs you are using.

This is just a little information about Cannabinoid testing for your perusal. With the fight continuing to rage over the legalization of cannabis, it is a good idea to be in the know about every aspect of marijuana that you can be.


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