Modern Canna Hemp Testing

The quality of products containing CBD varies widely, with lab researchers describing the current state of the industry as “the Wild West.” The patchwork of regulations leaves businesses confused about what is expected of them, especially if they hope to sell products across state lines. Here in Florida, the Department of Health’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use has adopted an emergency rule requiring licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers to exclusively sell products that have been verified and tested by a certified lab.   

The Benefits of Certified Lab Testing for Hemp CBD Products 

Independent third-party testing is essential to prove a company’s integrity. The industry is full of low-quality, contaminated hemp and exaggerated claims. It is only a matter of time before the government has to get involved, making the process of releasing new products difficult for anyone who tries to take short cuts in safety testing and labeling their products.

Producing consistent, high-quality products is of paramount importance to any business hoping to capitalize off the growing demand for CBD in the long-term. Some hemp farmers use weekly sample testing to track the progression of CBD and THC levels, helping them determine the optimal harvest time. 

Unfortunately, there are some testing labs operating well below the industry standards for accuracy and reliability. These companies are eager to take their clients’ money and slap a “seal of approval” on the label. However, without official lab certification, there is no guarantee that acceptable scientific methods were followed, high-quality equipment was used, or that the end results are close to accurate.

For this reason, requirements are moving from having products simply “tested” to having them “tested by a certified laboratory.”

What Do Hemp CBD Tests Reveal?

Certified testing labs can provide a Certificate of Analysis for cannabis and hemp flower samples assessing:

  • Potency – quantifying levels of THC, CBD, and cannabinoids
  • Contamination – testing levels of pesticides, solvents, bacteria, molds, heavy metals, and contaminants

The completion of these tests can take anywhere between one and five days. Each sample returns with a certificate ID showing when the test was performed, who ran the test, and who requested it. Specific measurements are included, and all data is guaranteed verifiable, reproducible, and legally defensible. 

Where to Get Hemp CBD Lab Testing in Florida

Modern Canna Labs is at the forefront of marijuana and hemp CBD testing. As Florida’s first lab to test medical cannabis, we run a fully Certified Marijuana Testing Laboratory, with a license issued directly by the Florida Department of Health’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU).

We operate 12,000 square feet of lab testing space in Lakeland, Florida, including an ISO 17025 accredited CMTL facility and a NELAP certified environmental testing facility. Modern Canna is currently the only Leafly Certified Lab Partner in the Southeastern United States. Prior to working in the medical cannabis industry, our team built up over five decades of experience managing industry-leading commercial labs using highly specialized laboratory equipment and information management systems with a fully automated client portal. Contact us to learn more.

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