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The debate over the legalization of marijuana has been raging on for years now. Twenty states at last count have legalized cannabis for medical purposes with many more being sure to follow. While many people feel that it should not be legalized for recreational use, strict medical cannabis testing shows that it has many surprising medical benefits for those in pain. Below, you will find some of the benefits of medicinal cannabis for your perusal if you are on the fence.

Stops HIV From Spreading

Medical cannabis testing has shown that one of the main benefits of marijuana for medical use is HIV related. A study done on monkeys has shown that the THC in cannabis has actually stopped the spread of HIV throughout the body. The study also showed that the monkeys had higher healthy cell levels when they were given doses of THC every day.

Slows Cancers Spread

If you have ever known someone that suffered from any type of cancer, you know how quickly the cells can spread throughout the body. Studies have shown that marijuana can slow the spread of those cells in some aggressive forms of cancer such as leukemia.

Medical cannabis testing has also shown that cannabis helps to increase the appetite and decrease the nausea of patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Controls Seizures

Marijuana works to relax the muscles and has been proven in testing to have a positive effect on seizures. There are many cases of people having seizures where it has been proven that marijuana helped to control them.

Treatment for Migraines

Since medical marijuana was legalized in California, it has been reported by doctors that they have been able to treat migraines with cannabis when traditional treatments have failed. Doctors have reported that in over 300,000 cases the cannabis worked when nothing else would cure the pain.

Treats Pre Menstrual Syndrome

Unbelivebly, using medical marijuana for PMS goes all the way back to the time of Queen Victoria. The cannabis is said to help the cramps and discomfort so that you don’t have to resort to over-the-counter medicines.

Treats ADD and ADHD

It seems that over 80 percent of America has ADD or ADHD in some form or another. Medical Cannabis testing shows that marijuana is the perfect substitute for Ritalin and doesn’t have the horrible side effects of the pharmaceutical drug.

Treats Glaucoma

The use of medical marijuana for glaucoma is one of the best-documented research studies published today. It has been proven to help with the severe pain and swelling that goes on behind the eyes with this painful disease.

These are just a few of the medical benefits that medical cannabis testing has proven to be true. From treating glaucoma to helping with the symptoms of PMS, marijuana has too many medical benefits to be ignored. Twenty different states have legalized it for medical use, if you are still on the fence, then these benefits should help to convince you that it should indeed be legal in every state.

If you have medical cannabis, you may wish to have it tested to ensure that you have a quality product.


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