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Devoted pet owners are always looking for new ways to keep their furry friends healthy and happy, and many are reporting benefits from hemp-derived CBD oil. Just like their humans, dogs and cats have endocannabinoid systems that interact with cannabidiol compounds found in cannabis and hemp. This interplay with receptors is what allows CBD to work its magic on our four-legged friends, helping to manage stress, relieve pain, and even control seizures.

At present, scientific data on the effects of hemp-derived CBD products on pets is limited to a handful of studies and anecdotal reports from pet owners who treated their companions at home. The results thus far have been promising.

Study shows CBD helps control canine osteoarthritic pain

A recent 90-day study, overseen by veterinarians at the Downing Center for Animal Pain Management in Colorado, found that dogs suffering from chronic arthritis pain showed marked improvements after taking hemp CBD oil. The study tracked the progress of 32 dogs, with daily pain assessments and periodic veterinary check-ups. Thirty of the canines experienced pain reduction after 3 months of CBD oil, and 94 percent showed improvements in mobility and better quality of life.

What other pet health issues can CBD treat?

Holistic veterinarians are using hemp CBD products to treat a range of issues in both dogs and cats.  According to Dr. Jerry Klein, the Chief Veterinary Officer of the AKC, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and is utilized to stimulate appetite in compromised pets, reduce anxiety, treat neuropathic pain, and reduce chronic inflammation.

There is currently research underway on the benefits of CBD in canines with treatment-resistant epilepsy. Veterinarians and pet owners are hopeful, as this condition affects 5 percent of all dogs. In a previous clinical trial, nearly 84 percent of children with drug-resistant epilepsy experienced a reduction in seizures with CBD oil.

CBD has also been connected to cardiovascular health. Research indicates that cannabinoids can protect blood vessels, mitigate damaged vessels, and reduce blood pressure and heart rate caused by stress and anxiety.

Is hemp CBD safe for my cat and dogs?

Holistic veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter says that CBD oil is generally safe and well-tolerated by cats and dogs.  However, there can be some side effects to watch out for, especially when used the first time. Always consult with your veterinarian about dosage, and be alert for signs of gastrointestinal upset, excessive drowsiness, and lowered blood pressure that causes lightheadedness.

With the plethora of CBD pet snacks, oils, and edibles sold today, veterinarians like Richter caution that it’s very much a ‘buyer beware’ situation.

Whether you’re looking to treat Fido’s car sickness or help your kitty’s arthritic joints, you need to be sure that the hemp product you are purchasing has been laboratory analyzed for concentration, purity, as well as contaminants like fungus, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Protect your pet – get the analysis

Just like CBD-infused products for people, hemp-derived pet snacks and tinctures are not all created the same. Always look for a certificate of analysis from an accredited national hemp testing lab that confirms the amount of CBD for proper dosing. Modern Canna utilizes industry-leading methodology to ensure that only the safest of hemp products reach consumers – and their four-legged friends.

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