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For many years, the medical marijuana industry operated without much large-scale oversight.
Now, as legislation nationwide begins to take a more progressive stance on cannabis, cultivators,Cannabis marijuana gene sequencer in MCS Lab processors, dispensaries, and treatment facilities are under increased scrutiny. This means that the importance of product testing in the medical marijuana marketplace has never been higher.

The rapid growth of the legal cannabis industry has made reliable testing of medical marijuana essential to guarantee the effectiveness of treatment as well as patient safety. Today’s unprecedented technology allows comprehensive testing of every product to enter the marketplace, and the result is treatment options proven more effective than ever before.

Why Is Medical Marijuana Testing Important?

The cannabis plant takes a long journey from seed to shelf, and every step of this process must be thoroughly evaluated. Even before it is harvested, heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants can be absorbed into the plant during its development, and the natural moisture of cannabis tissues can facilitate the growth of harmful microbes.

Any contaminants present in medical marijuana present a tangible risk, and meticulous testing is the only way to protect the health of patients. Testing also allows producers to provide exact information on the strength and potency of their medicine, allowing for easily measurable doses and predictable effects on the consumer end.

What is Medical Marijuana Tested For?

Cannabis products that are inhaled, such as oils and flower buds, typically must be tested for a defined set of characteristics. One of the most indispensable pieces of information about a medical marijuana product is the level of cannabinoids contained within it, which determines its medicinal properties as well as any associated psychoactive effects.

Remnants of production, including pesticides and processing chemicals, are detected and evaluated as part of the cannabis testing procedure that brings these medicines to market. Medical marijuana must also be tested for the presence of heavy metals, microbial impurities, and other foreign materials to protect patients from tainted products.

How is Testing Performed?

Cannabis testing ensures that medical marijuana products meet the rigorous standards set forth by state and federal governments. Common methods of cannabis testing include analytical chromatography, which involves the dissolution of a sample over an absorbent testing medium to precisely define concentration levels of various components of the plant.

Another widely used testing method is known as mass spectrometry, which measures the mass of the sample’s molecular compounds using an electromagnetic field. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is also used to analyze samples of the cannabis plant at a cellular level and show the presence of microbes and other non-medicinal substances.

Cannabis testing is the backbone of a viable medical marijuana industry, ensuring that patients can put their full trust in the medicines they are prescribed, and this process enables growers and producers to meet legal guidelines while providing a safe and effective product.

For these reasons, you should be sure to confirm that your business complies with all relevant Florida marijuana test laws. Contact Modern Canna Science for effective and affordable hemp and cannabis testing services.

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