Synthetic Marijuana: Addiction, Withdrawal, Overdose, and Contaminants

Modern Canna Cannabis Classifications

By: Hannah Grzech “Fake weed,” “synthetic cannabis,” “herbal incense,” or whatever name tickles your brain, synthetic marijuana is anything but real marijuana. These commonly used names are the first red flag when it comes to these products because they are complete misnomers. These “designer” drugs are called new psychoactive substances (NPS), which are unregulated mind-altering substances that are made available … Read More

What is the Cannabis Chemovar Classification Method?

Modern Canna Cannabis Classifications, Medical Cannabis

The conventional wisdom regarding cannabis strains considers Indica to give a “relaxing body buzz,” while “high-energy” Sativa strains produce a mental sense of wellbeing. In the past, producers of marijuana abroad and in this country have used these two broad-based classifications, which may differ based on country of origin, morphology, flavor profile, general effect and symptom relief. The differing ratio of THC … Read More

The Cultivar vs. Chemovar Debate

Modern Canna Cannabis Classifications, Medical Cannabis

The principal challenge faced by medical marijuana users is to find products that match their treatment needs. Unlike synthetic compound medication made in the laboratory, living and breathing plants may contain multiple active ingredients and express different characteristics. The name of the cannabis should reflect the benefits, but also clarify what range of diversity can be expected. Numerous researchers have … Read More

Sativa Strains vs. Indica Strains: What’s the Difference?

Modern Canna Cannabis Classifications, Medical Cannabis

Today’s medical marijuana patients have access to thousands of cannabis strains, which fall under the terms Sativa, Indica, hybrid and CBD dominant. Whether purchasing edibles, tinctures or other marijuana products for therapeutic use, it’s important to have a grasp on their predictive effects. Marijuana plants originating from Mexico, Columbia, Thailand and other warm-weather countries are classified as Cannabis sativa, while … Read More