What Is CBG?

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In the wide world of cannabinoids, CBG is a compound that is often overlooked. Cannabigerol may be less familiar than CBD or THC, but it is no less intriguing. CBG is the precursor or “stem cell” molecule to phytocannabinoids, which help relieve insomnia and anxiety and keep aching joints manageable. In its inactive state, cannabigerol forms the foundation for THC, … Read More

Can Coffee Shops and Restaurants Sell CBD Under Florida Law?

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Yes, Florida’s food and drink purveyors can sell CBD under Florida state law. However, as this state law seemingly conflicts with federal law that is enforceable by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, many Florida business owners may be unsure how to proceed. Adding to the confusion are requirements in the Florida statutes that may make compliance a challenge for … Read More

Max Amount of THC Allowed in Florida for CBD Oil

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Medical Marijuana and CBD oil has been a hot topic in Florida, with lots of changes on the federal and state level that seem to bounce back and forth between limitations and accessibility. Ultimately, this has created a confusing legal landscape that has landed some CBD distributors and users in trouble with the law. Why the confusion around the federal … Read More

CBD’s Effects on Mental Health

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The health effects of cannabidiol are well documented in mainstream science. Researchers are confident in its ability to treat a number of physical ailments, such as neural pain and epilepsy. However, CBD also alleviates a number of mental disorders. More independent studies are validating CBD’s efficacy for treating diseases that inflict the mind. Let’s take a look at what CBD … Read More

Is CBD Effective for Inhibiting Cancer Growth?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most well-documented cannabinoids. Over the years, many independent studies have shed positive light and affirmed its use in various medical applications. Of course, more studies are warranted, but research so far paints a positive outlook. Among its many medicinal qualities, CBD is believed to play a role in inhibiting cancerous and malignant tumors. However … Read More

How Can CBD Be Used to Ease Anxiety and Depression?

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The health benefits of CBD are well documented. Research has shown that this cannabinoid is especially useful for treating neural pain and seizures. Furthermore, it may also have anti-cancer properties. New studies are also showing that CBD is just as beneficial for the mind and promoting mental well-being. What exactly is the role of cannabis as it relates to the … Read More